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The World of Hearth

Greetings again, Acolytes! We're pleased to let you know we added some details to the world of Magus Elgar. You can see a lot of our new artwork at but we have something really exciting to show off. Namely: We have a Map now!

Wanna learn more about the various places of Hearth? Click on that map and treat yourself!


Magus Elgar the Podcast

We're also working on a bit of a small side project for Magus Elgar while we work on season 2. (and trust me, We've been at it like nobody's business.) So expect to see some amusing skits about the various denizens of Hearth sometime soon. The best part is, these skits will be presented to you absolutely free!


Magus Elgar Animated

did you think we'd forget about this? Absolutely not! We're nearing the time where we can post this, but what we can show you is how long we've come since then.

It took us a long time to figure out what we should look like!
Art by Shannon Allen

Keep an eye out on our youtube and our twitter in case you want to see more!

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