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A Trio of Kobolds Seek a New Master Dragon in Clutch! A Kobold Story, An Audio Drama now on Kickstarter



From the Creator of Magus Elgar and the Sound Designer of Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, and The Sojourn comes a new fantasy audio drama following three Kobolds on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to find a master dragon—after killing their previous one.



What do kobolds do when their master dragon dies? This is the tale Clutch! A Kobold Story hopes to tell when its Kickstarter campaign goes live on October 21th, 2021. Sound Designer Kennedy Phillips, creator of fantasy audio drama Magus Elgar looks to bring Strap, Nom, and Book—the Kobolds of Clan “Fine, you’re a clan, now let me sleep”—to life in his next project.


Clutch! takes place in the world of Hearth from the award winning series Magus Elgar, but long before during the age of dragons (and kobolds!). A Kobold is a three foot tall reptile who lives in a cave in service to a Dragon. They are not smart, they are not strong, and very easily distracted. After a well-meaning birthday gift turns into more of a ‘boulder-to-the-face’ affair, Strap, Nom, and Book must travel the world to find a new Dragon they can call Master. After all, without a Dragon to lead them, what would a kobold do??


This is a fun madcap comedy for those who adore Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop roleplaying, or just adorable mischief gremlins.


With an initial funding goal of $18,000 for the Kickstarter, Kennedy hopes to pay all team members involved with the project at their desired rate, from production to cast. Stretch goals include extra episodes, merch, and even an animated short, while rewards for backers range from early access to episodes, to sound design lessons, and even adoption of a custom kobold. Cast includes Elerby J., Joanna Christina, and Michael Kovach, with new music from Anthony Baden Saggers, and sound design from Kennedy Phillips.


Support the Clutch! A Kobold Story Kickstarter when it launches on October 21th, and help bring another new, independent audio drama to life.


  • Writer & Director: Kennedy Phillips

  • Sound Designer: Kennedy Phillips

  • Composer: Anthony Baden Saggers

  • Promotional Artwork: Mauricio Lazcano

  • Cast: Michael Kovach as Strap
    Joanna Christina as Nom
    Elerby J. As Book




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