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The Elements

"I cease to find anything more aggravating than dedicating your upholstery to honor a new Element, only to discover it has ceased to exist a day later."
                                                                                     -Wizard  Grimley

Many Elements exist in a quasi-confidence. Not concrete enough to be a solidified staple of the cosmos, but not uncertain enough to remain theory. They fluctuate between being and not being, which can be truly aggravating for Elementologists trying to record the damn things. Elements can be divided depending on two axes. The Tangibility Axis, and the Certainty Axis.

The Tangibility Axis

Tangibility is how physical the Element is in our reality. Namely, if you are capable of throwing it at someone's head and causing enough physical or emotional injury to be measured. The Element of Rock, for example, is considered concrete on the Axis. While the Element of Nostalgia is abstract.

The Certainty Axis

Certainty is how confident the Element is with its position in the cosmos. The more Certain the Element, the Less likely it is to fluctuate from the constant beratement of Casters. The Element of Fire is respected and deeply grounded in our reality, where something like the Element of The Outrage Over Children's Novels aren't quite as sure of Its capabilities and blips in and out of existence far more frequently than it would care to admit. We Researchers call this "Performance Anxiety."

Certain Elements


Fire is said to have present at the birth of creation. Mostly because explosions are a universal language. Everyone understands explosions and burning. Even non-sentient entities can acknowledge its transformative effect. Fire is notorious for it's difficulty to be controlled, yet one of the easiest Elements to invoke. Pyrotologists theorize it is because Fire is positively giddy to show an upstart caster just who they're messing with. 


The Element of Planets is not to be mistaken for Nature. Rather, Planets are the vessels in which Nature travels upon.  The Element of Planets has experimented with shapes of these places to a great extent. From spherical planets to oblong; there is even evidence of a coffee stain shaped planet not far from Hearth.  The Ministry of Casters has multiple theories on the shape of Hearth itself. Though it is this humble Magus' opinion that Hearth is in fact, Pear shaped. 


Discovery is the Element of finding and exploring new concepts and things. It can be simultaneously positive and dangerous. Discovering a cowpie positioned precariously in front of your house isn't quite as life-enriching as discovering a brand new element, or an uneaten pastry in your pantry. A few Caster fly under the banner of this Element as a commitment to better understand Magic. Discovery's Temperament is considerably more jovial than most Elements. It's hard to hurt its feelings when it knows great things are in store for the caster down the road. Whether it will be discovering what being a parent is like, or experiencing death, it seems Discovery will always have the last laugh. 

Hello! Serling Tenthorn here. I haven't finished this particular chapter. Come back later and there will be a good read. 

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