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Hearth is home to many eclectic fellows and maidens. Some are quite friendly, some less so. There's at least one that prefers to be left alone, despite getting very self conscious you never invite them to your parties. The fact that you've never met makes that a little disconcerting. 

Magus Thaddelor Elgar

Caster! Spell Master! Solver of Disaster!

Hear Magus Elgar!William Violenus

Voice Actor: William Violenus

Birthplace: De Solo, Hearth

Age: 35

Occupation: Magus

Goal: To unravel the secrets of the universe, and have a blast while doing it.

Personality: aloof, but amicable. Adventurous and reckless. Often too caught up in the moment to notice his mistakes. Enigmatically thespian. 

Born in the river city of De Solo, Thaddelor Elgar (He prefers to be called Thaddy, if not by his magus title) was raised by his Magi Mother and his father, who often changed appearance and species due to his mother’s frequent experimentation. He was eager to follow his mother’s footsteps because of all the attention and prestige she gained solving magical problems. As soon as he could, he moved to the Magical Theatre of Stroud in the capital city of Vitrolo. Under the apprenticeship of Magus Greave, he was quickly recognized as a gifted spell caster. Now that he has about twenty three years of study and eight years of solo practice under his belt, Elgar is in the ‘excited experimental’ stage of his study. He’s taken on an apprentice and hopes to unravel the most dangerous of magical spells, so that few others risk death. Within the first year of his solo study, he operated on himself and installed an enchanted dragonbone plate in his skull. Designed to enhance his memory and magical attunement. Unsurprisingly, It’s also made him slightly brain damaged and he often scrambles adages and easily mistakes simple terms for other similar sounding phrases.

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Udo Malaaki

Assistant Ordinaire!

Hear Udo Malaaki!Christopher Moore

Voice Actor: Christopher Moore

Birthplace: Mossdale, Hearth

Age: 17

Occupation: Magus Apprentice (Four and a half years)

Goal: To control his magic….. And to survive Magus Elgar.

Personality: Stoic, Begrudgingly curious, witheringly compliant, combative when pushed. Studious.


The Maalaki family is an old, prestigious bloodline of deadly casters. Hailing from the furthest reaches of hearth, they once nearly brought the planet to its knees with their massive magical family. That was several thousand years ago. Nowadays their empire was ousted, and, the family has settled down. Their magical power diminished.  Udo is the runt of a litter of six (four brothers, one sister). Often berated and teased by his larger, more physically adept brothers, Udo dedicated himself more to study and literacy, unlike most of his family, and committed to leaving Mossdale the moment he came of age. Magus Elgar took Udo under his wing the moment his magical potential awakened. As per the the ancient Magi law, finders keepers. Udo committed to learn the magical arts and prevent harm to those around him, but mostly as an excuse to be away from his family.  Udo was once wide eyed and eager to learn under such a famous Magus. Now, he is often at the edge of his patience, only occasionally reminded of Elgar’s brilliance between accidents, reckless endangerment, and horrific transmogrifications. Perhaps Udo will offer the temperance and worldly perspective the Magus so desperately needs. Or he’ll probably die horribly. The latter seems more likely to udo.

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Dr. Graw Horatio

A Magicless Wonder of the Scientific World!

Hear Dr. Horatio!Randy Nazarian

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Voice Actor: Randy Nazarian

Occupation:  Quantum Physicist

Birthplace:  Ipswich, England

Age: 65

Goal: To discover the truth behind magic, and to prove there’s nothing he can’t understand.

Personality: Intellectual, friendly, naïve, defensive. Neurotic. Somniphobic, squeamish

Doctor Horatio earned his PHD in quantum mechanics at the University of Massachusetts when he was twenty five. Currently, he teaches under tenure as he experiments with alternate dimensions. Magus Elgar, a visitor from the alternate dimension of hearth, offered him the opportunity to explore his magical world.  Every day he wonders if it was worth the price of losing his one true love in life: coffee. Now he struggles at being one of the few members of the group with no magical potential at all.. Doctor Horatio takes deep pride in being smart and capable enough to understand the universe around him. Thus the often nonsensical nature of Hearth's magic can be immensely frustrating. It's doubly insulting that someone so cavalier in his attitude towards danger (Magus Elgar) would be so talented in the art. But perhaps one day, he will grasp what the Magus is trying to do by constantly aggravating the doctor to the point of Insanity.

Kaylee Fawn

Intern, or Super villain in waiting?!

Hear Kaylee Fawn!Sandra Espinoza

Voice Actress: Sandra Espinoza 

Occupation: Student, Dr. Horatio's assistant (earning P.H.D in Chemistry, currently has a masters double major in Quantum Mechanics and Political Science)

Birthplace: Allentown, PA, USA, Earth

Age: 20

Goal: To Rule the World and enjoy life while doing it.

Personality: Brutal, Adaptable, Socially Inexperienced. Mischevious, Overconfident. Obsession with fire.

Kaylee has devoted every step of her study to fulfill her lifelong dream: to become a mad scientist and rule the world! Don't tell Dr. Horatio though, he doesn't even realize just how much of his lab has been taken over by her. Despite taking full advantage of her apprenticeship with the Doctor, she is quite overprotective of him. He's a little gullible for his own good. So Kaylee more than makes up for it by exacting her displeasure on anyone that would cause harm to Dr. Horatio. Whether it's Earth or Hearth, much of everything isn't very challenging, which oftentimes leads her to treat everything like a game. If there is one thing she cannot stand, however, Is being burdened by the uneducated.  Having to slow down and explain herself can be agonizing, so she often just avoids that part. One day when she Masters science and magic alike, she will wreak havoc upon all worlds and cackle at the horizon like her favorite Supervillainess, Dr. Protobiotica! All that really holds her back is her limited understanding of how supervillains do everything else. You'll likely know the day when the peace of Hearth is broken by the sound of her maniacal laughter.


Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Minister Dable Trike

Political Ameteurmind!

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Voice Actor: David Autovino

Occupation: Council of Nine's Minister of Textiles

Birthplace:  Jenoatu, Hearth

Age: 40

Goal: Maximized power and profit for minimum effort.

Personality: arrogant, pretentious, unscrupulous, weasel-y

Minister Trike is Magus Elgar's patron for various commissions for Elgar to make end's meet. For someone as competent in Bureaucracy as Dable Trike, one would think he would be much further along in promotion amidst the Council of Nine. Minister Trike has an appetite for more power than his station allows. Of course if he was a person that could handle that sort of thing, he would have been promoted to something other than a dead end position like ‘minister of textiles.’  Dable isn’t often liked by the government because of his transparent scheming. At the very least, his hired hands are usually too stupid to see how blatantly corrupt he is. He tries to be as respectful as he can get away with, and feigns pride in doing things himself, even if he finds the idea distasteful. But it’s the only reason his bodyguard Gaat still trusts him. When his life is on the wire, he will weasel his way out using every trick in the book. But if Minister Trike has an opportunity to get away with his dastardly deeds, there's no end to his depravity and pettiness. Luckily for Magus Elgar, what he possesses in bureaucratic expertise, he lacks in villainous competence. At least so far... 


Gaat Ironball

The Most Loyal of Bodyguards!

Voice Actor: Brian Stivale 

Occupation: Bodyguard

Birthplace: Browning, Hearth

Age: 30

Goal: To be a hero for his kid.

Personality: gruff, even tempered, thick headed, polite, Kind-hearted

Poor Gaat Ironball. If only he wasn't Minister Trike's bodyguard, he could have been a hero. Don't let his gruff exterior and simple language fool you, Gaat's one of the foremost Security guards a middling to cheap budget can afford (but dont' tell him that). Supporting a celebrated Huntress as a wife as well as a child, Gaat once worked for the city guard. Sadly, due to age restrictions, he was force to retire on his 30th birthday, and now works for the Glad Hand Bodyguards Security company. Gaat may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s certainly got the biggest  heart. Working with Minister Trike for years, he’s usually cutting into his boss’ scheming with simple points, to which the retort is usually a thwack on his steely noggin. He’s the more humble, more simple, and more muscular of the two, yet this doesn’t keep him from suffering the same consequences as Trike. Gaat's committed to  loyally serve by his side, because let’s face it, this job pays pretty well (as far as he knows). Gaat’s slow, but has brief moments of plot awareness to counteract this. after all, you don’t need to be smart to have common sense. 


Copy of Gaat_JPG_lowres.jpg

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Voice Actor: Kellen Goff

Occupation: Wizard, Magical Appraisal

Birthplace:  Alcrafar Canyon, Hearth

Age: 83 and Three Quarters


Personality: Reclusive, grouchy, methodical, delusional, paranoid

Also known as the “Consumer of Knowledge.” Quaff’s voracious appetite for information is quite literal. Since he is illiterate, he uses a rare spell to actually eat books and become wiser for it. He is completely convinced he understands the world outside, despite only rarely stepping outside just long enough to show off his collection. Quaff’s grasp with reality is mildly skewed by the fact that his knowledge of the outside world is mostly based upon the texts of other wizards. He has one of the most comprehensive libraries of magical knowledge in existence and makes it a point to duplicate every tome he comes across. However, being close to that amount of magical text has a tendency to….do things to you. Most hire him for information, Magical appraisal, but he isn’t as sought after as magi are. As magi are worldlier and capable of countering magic on the fly, whereas Quaff only really explain how screwed you are. But explaining is what he’s best at. He actually takes a hobby in competing in the exposithons, A competition where the greatest minds and voices explain things for massive prizes. He is a frequent herald to warn agaisnt the ‘unblinking’. a horrific dimension that watches everything you do. Something he finds extremely deplorable. Incidentally, his hair is fabulous.

Wizard Joseph Quaff

Consumer of knowledge! Eater of books!


Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

Voice Actor: Brian Stivale 

Occupation: ???

Birthplace: ???

Age: ???

Goal: To hold Casters responsible for their actions

Personality: Calm, Collected, Methodical, Diabolical.

Who is Victus? A scarred man hoping to get revenge? An agent of the Unblinking hoping to curse us all? Whomever he is, Magic is his enemy. He will stop at nothing to see the Casters face retribution for all that have fallen under the Reckless abandon they seem to execute for the sake of discovery. 


Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov


A Masked Caster seeking retribution! 


Voice Actor: Kennedy Phillips

Occupation: Pet, Casting assistant to Udo Malaaki

Birthplace:  Alcrafar Canyon, Hearth

Age: 19

Goal: To die in some spectacular fashion, To help out Udo, likely not in that order

Personality: Sarcastic, Mischevious, Gleefully Suicidal.

Kakkay is a Repika. Also known as "Chimeric Abomination", also known as "Oh elements what is THAT thing?!" But Repika will do. At one point during Udo's experiments, he mistakenly mixed two ingredients you shouldn't mix together and transformed Kakkay into this horrifying creature. Now he's a blend of a Horn Tail, a Frill Lizard, and a Majestic Baby Phoenix (though good luck finding a baby bird of any kind that looks 'majestic'). On the upside, Repikas are notorious for being extremely difficult to harm. On the downside, being a Repika is extremely painful, horfing up strange alchemical ingredients, secreting fluids in places he didn't know he had. Of course, one would want to end it all in some spectacular fashion. If only it wasn't for the pesky durability. It's not all bad though, Kakkay can still help out Udo in his studies, at least until the apprentice gets good enough to change him back!


Abhorrent, yet Adorable(?) Abomination!

Artwork by Askhat Mizambekov

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