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"Wherever I may go, wherever I may be, if it lacks a toilet, I shan't go, verily."

                                                                                           -Scribe Akratis


Magus Elgar Map Hearth

           The Planet of Hearth is certainly an odd shape. Resembling a giant banana, it spins through space like a boomerang around a binary star system. It's more like a Planetain than a Planet. Thanks to the way gravity works on Hearth, the outer facing side of the Planetain is much warmer than the inner. The north and southmost portions (the Tipper and the Whipper) of Hearth are the driest and pointiest of the regions. But truly the most fascinating parts of Hearth are how the moods of the elements affect the very land that we live on. 


             Due to the highly unstable nature of the Elements, Hearth is certainly not left alone for long. I've recorded that the very moods of these Elements impact the environment in fascinating ways. From cheerfulness to depression to just pain insecurity. There are many regions that are not defined by nature, but by their relationship with the elements. We call these Emotispheres due to their dependency on the various moods of the elements. 

The DullDrums

           It's fairly common to see the Elements in a rather surly mood. Being bombarded by mockery has that effect on you. This place resonates with melancholy, depression, and all around ennui. Much of the area is mostly known for sad ghosts, moody citizens, and worst of all: sighing trees. You know that kind of sigh, the one that makes you ask 'what's wrong' but then they're like 'Oh nothing' but when you walk away they sigh even louder as if they were actually seeking attention in the first place and- never mind. It's annoying.   Though, many of the locals in the Dulldrums (Glumbledon, for example) takes the pale cream that secrets from the rocks and trees in the area. It's called Glum; it gives you anxiety when applied to your skin directly (it also spreads well on crackers and doubles as a fantastic sunscreen!) .

The Gleewinds

           Amusements parks are a wonderful place to go to unwind, The Gleewinds host some of the best in all of Hearth. The gleewinds themselves are full of elation and excitement coming from the Elements; those that live there share that excitement, whether they like to or not. Have you ever seen a person try to lament about losing their job with a smile on their face? It's very confusing. If you need to feel a bit of a perky day or two, the Gleewinds are a perfect place to go on holiday. Though spare a thought for the employees of these various parks and rides. Being happy all the time is downright exhausting.  

The Umtinks

Deep in the whipper of the Planetain is a mountain range of strange Hearth metals. Where the crystals and stones of the mountains resonate with the introspective moods of the Elements. It's the perfect place to craft your scrying orb or crystal ball for soothsaying, premonitions, and fortune cooking. Don't be too surprised if you end up scammed once or twice. Divination is a cutthroat business in the Umtinks, which is why predicting the future is so regulated in Hearth: You never know if you'll end up as a chosen one or if it's just the latest prediction gimmick. For people that spend so much time predicting the future, they sure have a hard time staying in vogue. 


Long ago. A Caster attempted to create the greatest spell in history. By etching his incantation into the very earth, He formulated what was quite possibly the  single most insulting phrase the Elements have ever been subjected to. What was that phrase? No one knows! But the effect was clear: now the region is riddled with aggressive magics, as the Elements are still trying to wipe the place off the face of the planetain. Some casters have been known to set up research towers there. But it's not recommended. there's not a place on Hearth any less hospitable to sentient creatures.

Hello! Serling Tenthorn Here. I haven't finished this particular chapter. Come back later and there will be a good read. 

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