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Mind the Dust! (seeking new host)

Greetings Acolytes! We have some news regarding both Magus Elgar and Clutch! As of right now, Our original host for the free version of the show has been acquired by a larger company, and their vision for their future didn't mesh with what we have done here for Magus Elgar. So we are currently working on getting a new host. We apologize for the inconvenience. Magus Elgar will be back up and running at the end of the month!


Season Two?

As of writing we have a draft set up for season two that does need a little finagling. But the challenge we're facing is time, budget, and availability. Almost every actor who has worked with us have gone on to become incredible powerhouses of voice talent in the industry. and their new rates would be a challenge to afford. We still want to focus on getting clutch done and see where we are at. But to get it off the ground it would take a lot of resources we currently don't have. We do have enough plans to run upwards of Four Seasons in terms of ideas.


Clutch Still in the works!

We are over halfway done with producing clutch a kobold story, it's proving to be a lot longer than we'd like for a number of reasons. Technical bugs, some newcomers learning the ropes, and, surprisingly, our creator Kennedy Phillips being approached with A LOT of work. We aim to have this close to completion within the next few months. the show is coming out really great so far!



That's right! Originally we mentioned Kennedy was approached to work on the pilot for Hazbin Hotel, since then his animation career really went into high gear! He now has a job at Iron Circus Comics, Spindlehorse toons, Scum House, and Warner Brothers, all wanting Sound Design! He has also become a professor at Chapman University teaching sound design to the next generation of animators.

Be sure to check out Velma, Lackadaisy, Helluva Boss, and Satina for more of the Magus Elgar magic you enjoyed in the show.


Other Audio Works?!

In addition to all the animated shows Kennedy's been working on, we also are proud to mention he's gotten the chance to work on another two audio shows as we've been developing.


Once we have a new hosting service to Magus Elgar, the whole website's going to get an overhaul to adjust going forward! See you soon!

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