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A new miniseries in the world of Hearth (Announcement)

It's certainly been a while, Acolytes! While we've been cooking up a new epic season for Magus Elgar, this time around, we're looking to try out crowdfunding. But before we can dive into the substantial cost of Magus Elgar, we're testing the waters with a smaller side series in the world of Hearth. It's called Clutch! A Kobold Story. We aim to shoot for releasing the Kickstarter sometime in October. If you enjoyed Magus Elgar, you're going to get a rare glimpse into the world of Hearth during the time where dragons were a LOT more common. Sign up for the newsletter so we can give you all the information you need going forward as well as opportunities to help us even further! So how about it, acolyte? Care to become a friend of a Kobold?

If you'd like to hear a little what the show will sound like, Take a listen right here:

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