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June 15, 2020: Magus Elgar is Coming to Pinna!

Something magical is happening over at Pinna.

That's right Acolytes! Magus Elgar is coming to!

Pinna is an audio centric streaming service for kids age 3 and up, designed to give your kids an amazing way to be entertained!

Listen to hours of carefully curated, kid friendly Audiobooks, Music, and Pods cast from around the world (and beyond!)

This June 15th, Listen to Magus Elgar Season One on! If you sign up with the discount code: PINNA4KIDS, you'll get 60 days of totally free!

It's perfect for your little casters to have a screen-free and ad-free to play, learn, and now discover the wonders of property damage!

We're also working on making some fun things for fans of the show to snag and show their love of magic!

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