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Magus Elgar Animated- Bridge

Greetings Acolytes! That time has finally come. Magus Elgar Animated is here with our very first short: Bridge. It''s a lot more impressive than it sounds. We will be premiering at 4PM EST/1PM PDT on Father's Day, June 16th, 2019. so set your alarms, set your schedules, prep your dogs. We'll be around a bit to talk in anticipation of the big release! Please share this with your friends, your family, and your cats which can navigate Youtube (you KNOW they can). The more people see this, the more likely we'll be able to make more! Please subscribe and hit that bell icon to know when it's time to go.

Is it a troll? It's a troll, isn't it?
What is it about this bridge that's causing people to disappear?

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