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June 16th, 2019: Be Ready Acolytes!

Greetings Acolytes! Magus Serling Tenthorn here again to give you an update on everything that is Magus Elgar!

What is the Creator up to?

Quite a lot, actually!

Interviews! Ever since Magus Elgar has been released, he's been getting interviewed by quite a few talented individuals on radio shows and podcasts. The Mike Wagner Show:

Things I found Online Podcast: The Joe Crawford Show:

Another Audio Drama!

Strap in and don't forget your oxygen tanks, because we're heading to space! Youtube's Spacedock is producing a brand new Sci-Fi Audio Drama called "The Sojourn", and our creator's heading over to bring some Magus Elgar brand sound design to their universe. you can find out more on their kickstarter! A Cartoon!? From the depths of space to the depths of hell, our creator is also pairing up with Hannah Daigle for a new animated series: "Satina." An adult comedy about the bastard child of a human and the queen demon of hell. You can see their pilot short right now! Be on the lookout for episode 1 later this fall! A Feature Length Movie!

Lastly, the world of live action is calling again, and this time it's a love story! It's currently in post production but Kennedy has been tasked with the video editing AND the sound design for this project. It's a Romantic Drama called "Everything You Are." more on that soon!

Season 2:

I'm proud to give you an update on Season 2! We're still in preproduction, the outlines for the scripts are being design as we speak. We had to spend a LOT of time establishing locations, new races, and lore about the world of Hearth (that's where that planetain nonsense came from!) We have a handful of dedicated writers helping make Season 2 a reality! Our team consists of: Tsumi Anne-Woodside: Originally our proofreader, Tsumi has ascended to Head of Story to make sure our words are a goods! (post pending review) Matthew Charles: A talented individual over at Blizzard Entertainment. His familiarity with fantasy settings will be bringing much to the table. Crystal Saavedra: One of the original performers of Kaylee Fawn joins the team as a full fledged writer. Her writing commentary on steampunk and magic are really something else! We'll provide more updates on our progress for this, as we still need to secure a budget and a production timeline once the series is written!

Magus Elgar Animated:

We have some exciting news: June 16, 2019. Be ready. Watch for us on youtube and on for a massive update regarding this!

Kakkay in his abominable glory

Pinwheel tail!
Magus Sagari's skin changes color depending on his mood!

Season One Available on Anew Podcast:

if you're the type of person that really didn't want to pay for the series, fear not! We have a new way you can listen to it! If you head over to We are now available on ANEW Podcast and a few other platforms, being released once a week or so! check for our twitter and facebook for announcements!

Magus Elgar on Newgrounds:

Magus Elgar is also now available on Please give up some love there! We could use the saves!

that's everything for now, stay tuned acolytes!

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