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Animarketplace Sept 14, 2019 @ Little Tokyo!

Greetings again acolytes! We're trying something new and trekking out into your own lovely world of Earth! Specifically the Animarketplace at The Los Angeles Japanese American History Museum. We might not be Japanese, but we've got some animation under our belt so that counts! Join us September 14th, where you can meet the Creator (Kennedy Phillips) and Udo Malaaki (Christopher Moore) as they offer nifty, first printings of p

osters for our first season AND every episode artwork done by Askhat Mizambekov! It's a rare opportunity to get the first special posters of these shows to prove to us we should hit the con circuit more often! Grab your tickets now while you still can!

You too can get a poster of a man trying to blow everything up!

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