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Livestream November 6th, Ask Us Anything!

Greetings Acolytes! Great news! Magus Elgar received a Telly award for "The Birth of Magic!" One of our trailers! If our TRAILERS are getting awards, just wait till you hear the rest of the show! We have been hard at work promoting the show and working on new things. No time for Idle hands! We will be doing a LIVESTREAM with Some of the cast of Magus Elgar this November 6th, at 3PM EST, (12 PM PDT) on Facebook and Youtube. If you wanna ask some questions about the show, like how we made it, Inquiries about the world, or anything you'd like to ask the actors. Contact us on Facebook, or by emailing us at with the title "MELIVE" Please provide a name, and a question, and we'll answer whatever you all come up with! Hope to see you there!

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