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Audie Awards! Best Original Work Nomination!

Greetings Acolytes! We've got exciting news for you over here at Magus Elgar! First off, We've been nominated for best original work by the Audio Publishers Association! I never dreamed we'd be given this kind of accolade so I personally am vibrating in my seat with excitement. Be sure to keep a look out for the Audie Awards March 4th, 2019 to see how we do! We've given you all a gift to celebrate! For this week only, Magus Elgar is now 75% Off on the Standard Edition over at Bandcamp. Head over to store.maguselgar.com and enter 'audies' as the discount code to get Magus Elgar for only $1.88!

Next Up, Our writing team is hard at work building the lore of the world over in Hearth. Namely because we hadn't really pinned down what hearth itself looks like! Well fret no more because we have a sneak peak at an early design of the map!

That's right! It looks like a banana! We call it a Planetain!

Finally. We have one more big development. We're working with some of the brilliant people over at Hazbin Hotel's animation crew to build something extra special later this month. Three Animations have been hard at work developing an animated short for us! Here's a few working images:

We are very excited to show you more. But for now. We've got potions to drink! See you soon acolytes!

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