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About Magus Elgar

Magus Elgar is an 11 episode Audio Drama with a Full Cast of Characters, Theatrical quality sound design, and pulse pounding music to send you into a world inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett. Season One is five hours and 23 minutes. Available wherever audiobooks are sold. Episodes One thru Three are available on Soundcloud and Youtube for FREE.



A Reckless Magus With a Thirst For Discovery!

In the World of Hearth, Magic is everywhere. Chaotic, hard to understand, and oftentimes quite silly. It's up to a Magical Troubleshooter like Magus Elgar and his apprentice, Udo Malaaki to discover the newest, the most dangerous, and the glowiest of magics. Elgar and his ward discover a mysterious Cauldron made of solid silver blood. And like responsible Casters, they turn it in to the proper authorit- Of course they start casting with it. What kind of show do you think this is? They're about to discover a world beyond comprehension: A world of SCIENCE!

A Quantum Scientist With a Hunger For Understanding!

In the world of Earth, Science is everywhere. Orderly, Structured, and just waiting to be understood. It's up to Quantum Scientists like Dr. Graw Horatio and his intern Kaylee Fawn to confirm the very cutting edge of scientific research! With their Resonant Spectrometer, they work to discover the possibility of alternate dimensions. But surprise surprise, they discover a world of magic on the other side, and two Casters about to make their lives a living nightmare of whimsy and adventure! Or... at least they'll have a new experiment to work on. 


Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Power (STAMPs)

After a series of blunders, Dr. Horatio's equipment begins to take on horrific magical properties. What were once scientific tools have now become dangerously unstable magical artifacts, which run the risk of ripping apart reality as we know it? The race is on to find all of the STAMPs before they fall into the right hands, or worse, the WRONG hands! Will Magus Elgar and his colleagues be able to stop it, or will we get a depressing answer to why Elgar is carrying around popcorn? You'll just have to listen to find out!

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