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Magus Elgar Animated?? (and Episode 4 Clip!)

Greetings, Acolytes!

We've been hard at work bringing the juiciest bits of the world of Hearth to your doorstep. Most recently we posted a sample of one of our animatic tryouts by Vincent Belliache! That's right! We're working on an ANIMATED series! We plan to publish a few small clips of what the show would look like, thanks to the efforts of Zach Paulus, Cole Jordan, and Shannon Allen, Who worked on the excellent Hazbin Hotel Pilot by Vivziepop!

We also recently uploaded a sample of Magus Elgar Episode 4 on Youtube, in case your friends need further convincing of the excitement that awaits them!

-Fron the Desk of Magus Serling Tenthorn

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